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Important Digital Safety Message from the Senior Warden

    Aug 07, 2022

    Category: Prompted Messages

    Keywords: safety, announcement, scam


    St. Anne’s Family:


    Recently, internet scammers have stepped up their activity targeting churches with the “gift card scam”.  In this scam, the target receives an email from a trusted source (Rector, Bishop, etc) asking you to buy gift cards that they need to recognize exemplary work by Parish or Diocesan staff or provide to a parishioner  This recently happened in the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.




    If you get an email or a text message from someone claiming to be Rev. Sandy asking you to buy gift cards, DO NOT DO IT.  This is a scam, and you should not respond.  It is unfortunate that these internet predators rely upon the trusting nature of people in the church.

    Rev. Sandy (or anyone for that matter) would NEVER ask you to buy gift cards on their behalf.  See the link below for more information:


    Stay safe out there!


    C: 914-260-3424

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