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Service Participants


Service Participants for August/September 2017 

 August 20

Greeter/Usher - Julie and Pete Hearn

Crucifer - Amy Singleton

Chalice -  Barry Dennis

Lector -  Jennifer Ennis

Prayers of the People -  Donna Catton-Johnson
Altar Guild - Martha Smith, Susan Slavin

Eucharistic Visitor -  Cathy Battle
Mission Committee Contact - Pete Hearn

Snacks - Rebecca Lovelace
Drinks - Cathy Battle

 August 27

Greeter/Usher - Mike and Mary Jo Roberts*

Crucifer - Bill Parker

Chalice -  Gail Whitehead

Lector -  Mike Roberts

Prayers of the People -   Mary Jo Roberts
Altar Guild - Mary Jo Roberts, Barry Dennis

Eucharistic Visitor -  Monte Henderson
Mission Committee Contact - Bill Collins

Snacks -  Jennifer Ennis
Drinks - Shawn and Sadie Sease

September 3

Greeter/Usher -Gail and Jack Grande

Crucifer - Rebecca Lovelace

Chalice -  Dan Ennis

Lector - Rebecca Lovelace 

Prayers of the People -  Jennifer Ennis
Altar Guild - Martha Lewis, Pam Barrett

Eucharistic Visitor -  Jennifer Ennis
Mission Committee Contact - Jennifer Ennis

Snacks -  Rhonda Etherden
Drinks - Rebecca Lovelace

September 10

Greeter/Usher - Marvin and Pat Schubert 

Crucifer - Donna Catton-Johnson

Chalice -  Barry Dennis

Lector -  George Hearn

Prayers of the People - Rebecca Lovelace 
Altar Guild - Mary Jo Roberts, Rebecca Lovelace

Eucharistic Visitor -  Cathy Battle
Mission Committee Contact - Mary Jo Roberts 

Snacks -  Charlotte Bafile
Drinks - Cathy Battle

September 17

Greeter/Usher - Mary Jo and Mike Roberts

Crucifer - Rebecca Lovelace

Chalice - Sally Peace 

Lector -  Mike Battle

Prayers of the People - Cathy Battle 
Altar Guild - Susan Slavin, Barry Dennis

Eucharistic Visitor -  Bill Collins
Mission Committee Contact -  Bill Parker

Snacks - Pat Schubert
Drinks - Dan Ennis

 September 24

Greeter/Usher - Allen Jeffcoat, Bobby Smith

Crucifer - Amy Singleton

Chalice -  Bill Parker

Lector -  Arrigo Carotti

Prayers of the People -  Karen Heacock
Altar Guild - Charlotte Bafile, Martha Smith

Eucharistic Visitor -  Monte Henderson
Mission Committee Contact - Karen Heacock

Snacks - Mary Jeffcoat
Drinks - Karen Heacock


For those assigned to read, click on the link for the Lectionary Page. If you scroll down, you will be able to click on the link for your assigned Sunday.

**If you need to change you assignment, please find a replacement and email Karen Heacock with the change ( ).**