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Service Participants

 Service Participants for February 2020

March 8

Greeter/Usher - Tom and Brenda Pitkin

Servers - Donna Catton-Johnson and Rebecca Lovelace

Lector - Gail LaSalle

Prayers of the People - Karen Heacock

Altar Guild - Rebecca Lovelace and Brenda Pitkin

LEM -  **TBD**

Vestry Contact - **TBD**

Snacks - Karen Stampfle

Drinks - Rebecca Lovelace

March 15

Greeter/Usher - Mike and Mary Jo Roberts

Servers - **TBD**

Lector - Donna Catton-Johnson 

Prayers of the People - Susan Slavin

Altar Guild - Charlotte Bafile and Jennifer Boyle  

LEM - **TBD** 

Vestry Contact - Jean Spedden Goldson

Snacks - Karen Stampfle 

Drinks - Susan Slavin

March 22

Greeter/Usher - Debbie Moffit and Ed Helsel

Servers - Dan Ennis

Lector - Gail Peckham

Prayers of the People - Jennifer Ennis

Altar Guild - Martha Smith and Alli Crandell

LEM -  Jennifer Ennis 

Vestry Contact - Holley Tankersley

Snacks - Karen Stampfle

Drinks - Jennifer Ennis


March 29

Greeter/Usher - Mike Goldson

Servers - Gail Whitehead

Lector - **TBD**

Prayers of the People - Debbie Moffitt

Altar Guild - Jean Spedden Goldson and Gail Whitehead

LEM -  **TBD**

Vestry Contact - Kathleen Hearn

Snacks and Drinks - Shawn and Sadie Sease



For those assigned to read, click on the link for the Lectionary Page. If you scroll down, you will be able to click on the link for your assigned Sunday.

**If you need to change you assignment, please find a replacement and update your assignment on SignUpZone: https://signup.zone/cNH3a2rz79HgALbqJ **

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